Volunteer Forum
Palace of Peace and Accord
June 20-21, Astana
Therefore, it is extremely important to form a readiness for good deeds among the younger generation.
Kassym-Jomart Tokayev
Volunteering is not just a social phenomenon, not a habit or a skill that is formed overnight. It is a way of life consciously chosen by many people. Charity is a quality that is instilled in a person from childhood.
Integration of the volunteer movement into international processes;
Inspire the kindness gene!
Increasing the status of volunteers and the importance of the volunteer movement.
Consolidation and development of the volunteer movement of the countries of Central Asia.
Strengthening ties and cooperation in the field of civil society, youth policy and social initiatives;



June 21, 2023
Astana, Kazakhstan

Participants of the International Volunteer Forum, representing the international, volunteer and expert community of 34 member countries of international organizations – the United Nations (UN), Conference on Interaction and Confidence-building Measures in Asia (CICMA), the Organization of Turkic States (OTS), the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Eurasian Economic Union (EAU)
Resolution of the UN General Assembly (adopted in 2018) on strengthening the position of volunteerism in national and international actions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals;
The initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, announced at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly to proclaim the International Year of Volunteer Mobilization,
THEY STRONGLY REAFFIRM the need for further intensive work to establish and strengthen volunteer potential in the participating countries, as well as to revise approaches and introduce new practices to meet changing times and circumstances.
ALSO CONFIRM the need for:
(1) forming a new strategic and broad view on volunteering in a changing world;
(2) creating conditions for activating and establishing a dialogue with governments, and, as a result, consolidating existing volunteer organizations and creating new ones;
(3) involving volunteers in the implementation of programs in specific cultural and social contexts or solving necessary topical issues;
(4) sustainable involvement of local volunteers in providing a meaningful voice and integrating localization into the broader priorities and work of the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the same time, as part of the discussion of issues and long-term joint plans, the forum participants PROPOSE:
(1) to support Kazakhstan's initiative to hold the International Year of Volunteer Mobilization in 2026;
(2) to develop and implement an Index for the development of Voluntary work and evaluation of the contribution of volunteers to the socio-economic development of countries;
(3) to establish an International Volunteer Center to support multilateral action in the context of globalization;
(4) to establish an Advisory Committee consisting of Member States in order to formulate a program of actions that will be taken in the future during the Year of Volunteer Mobilization;
(5) to develop and implement a program for the exchange of experience in the field of voluntary work;
(6) to develop a unified approach to the implementation of the work of volunteers in the aftermath of emergencies;
(7) develop a plan of joint actions and projects in the environmental direction for international volunteer organizations;
(8) discussion of international approaches to the organization of medical, educational, social assistance in crisis situations and the development of joint projects to improve the effectiveness of such assistance;
(9) conduct local and global outreach activities that increase recognition of the work of volunteers, helping to mobilize resources to ensure their safety and well-being during and after work;
(10) to study on the state of volunteerism in Central Asian countries initiated by the UN Volunteers Program (UNV).

The participants of the International Volunteer Forum EXPRESS confidence that building up volunteer potential will contribute to improving the quality of life of people, stable and harmonious development of states and the world as a whole.
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